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  • The Benefits Of Dental Implants
    Dental implants are a revolutionary dental procedure which can overhaul your smile whether you have one gap, several gaps or no teeth at all. But what can dental implants do Read more
  • Kick the Habit--How Smoking Affects Your Smile
    The National Cancer Institute says that smoking adversely affects every bodily organ system--heart, lung, skin, brain and of course, your teeth, gums and other soft tissues of the mouth and Read more
  • The Variety of Dental Veneer Uses
    Find out if dental veneers may be the right choice for improving your smile. Perhaps you’ve heard dental veneers can makeover your smile without needing extensive dental preparations or invasive procedures. Read more
  • What to Know About Root Canals?
    Find out more about this procedure so you know exactly what to expect. When it comes to dental procedures people worry about them so much that they forget to actually find Read more
  • Which type of toothbrush is right for me?
    Ever stare at the huge selection of toothbrushes in a store and wonder what the difference is between them all? As it turns out, different people have different needs in Read more
  • Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right For Me?
    Contrary to popular belief, braces aren't just for teenagers anymore. Children, teens and adults alike are all visiting their Bay City, MI dentist Gregory A. Rosecrans, DDS, PC for braces, Read more
  • Summer Produce For Your Smile
    Summer is almost upon us here in Bay City, MI. Do your summer plans include any gardening, trips to the farmer's market or even trips to your local grocery store? Read more
  • Dental Implants Improve Your Health And Your Smile
    When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants have shown they're the leading solution in dental offices across the nation. That's because implants are the longest-lasting way to complete Read more
  • Teeth Whitening Solutions For A Crystal Clear Smile
    When you've got a mouth full of discolored or stained teeth, it's hard to have confidence in your day-to-day interactions. After all, a key ingredient to a winning smile is Read more
  • Three Signs of TMD
    Your temporomandibular joint is the location where your jaw and upper bones of your skull meet. When you open and close your mouth to chew or speak, the temporomandibular joint Read more
  • How to Effectively Whiten Your Teeth
    While you don’t want teeth so white that they could glow in the dark, most people do desire a brighter smile. And that’s possible with the help of dental products Read more
  • Root Canal Treatment: What You Need to Know
    When it comes to our teeth, a lot of us are guilty of ignoring the warning signs of a dental problem. We use our teeth to chew, speak and smile, Read more
  • A Canine Gets a Root Canal for Upper Canine
    Root canals have gone to the dogs—at least this was the case for Toki, a German Shepherd dog who is “stationed” at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. Toki, Read more
  • The Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentists
    Over the years, dentistry has evolved from typical run-of-the-mill check-ups and cavity fillings to also include beautification procedures known as cosmetic dentistry. Many people may wonder when they should visit Read more
  • June is National Safety Month: Protect Your Teeth
    Dr. Gregory Rosecrans wishes for Bay City patients to understand that protecting your teeth is significant not only for your mouth, but for your whole body, and because June is Read more
  • My Patients Best Recipes
    Lisa's Best Ice Cream Sandwhich Dessert This Make ahead of time dessert is awesome. 2 tablespoons brewed coffee 1 ounce sugar freee milk chocolate bar 1 8-oz container frozen fat free whipped topping thawed 14 Read more

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