What to Know About Root Canals?

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What to Know About Root Canals?

Find out more about this procedure so you know exactly what to expect.

When it comes to dental procedures people worry about them so much that they forget to actually find out more about what they entail. Learning more about getting a root canal from your Bay City dentist Dr. Gregory A. Rosecrans will help make the process a lot easier.Root Canal

Antibiotics Aren’t an Alternative

If your dentist in Bay City, MI has discovered that you are dealing with a bacterial infection you may wonder why we haven’t just written a prescription for antibiotics, but antibiotics only work by going through the blood to reach the infected area. But because the bacteria that caused this dental infection is in the root canals of the tooth antibiotics just won’t be able to reach and treat this problem. Only a root canal can properly treat the infected dental pulp and preserve the rest of your tooth.

Root Canals Shouldn’t be Painful

Despite everything you may have heard about root canals, there is one thing that we want to get straight: root canals shouldn’t hurt. Of course, many patients needing a root canal in Bay City are already coming into our office experiencing dental pain, but the purpose of root canal therapy is to go inside the tooth and remove the infected pulp to provide the relief you need. The whole process is no more invasive than getting a tooth filled.

You May Experience some Discomfort Afterwards

Even though you shouldn’t experience pain during your procedure it is fairly common for patients to feel some discomfort or soreness after local anesthesia has worn off. Talk to your restorative dentist in Bay City about whether over-the-counter or prescription medications could help alleviate your symptoms.

You Still Need to Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Even though we’ve placed a dental crown over your tooth and it feels strong and good as new again you will still want to make sure that you continue to brush and floss regularly and visit us for routine exams to ensure that your smile remains healthy and free of further infections. Dental crowns don’t last forever and it’s important to know when your dental crown is damaged or needs to be replaced. Only we can determine whether you will need repairs.

Do you have questions about your root canal? Are you experiencing any dental pain or issues? If so, turn to your Bay City, MI general dentist for all your dental concerns or needs.

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