Root Canal Treatment: What You Need to Know

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Root Canal Treatment: What You Need to Know

root canalWhen it comes to our teeth, a lot of us are guilty of ignoring the warning signs of a dental problem. We use our teeth to chew, speak and smile, so it’s important to keep teeth in tip-top shape. If tooth decay is an issue, it must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Why should you get treated quickly? Because we have seen badly decayed teeth become infected, which increases your chance of tooth loss. 

What is Root Canal Therapy? 

Root canal therapy is a restorative dental procedure that treats the inner tooth, which has been infected by bacteria. A dentist uses a set of root canal files to enter into the tooth and remove the bad bacteria, debris, and infected pulp (where nerves and blood vessels are located). The ultimate goal of root canal treatment is to clean out the inner canals of the tooth. To protect a newly treated tooth from debris and bacteria getting back in, we then fill and seal the tooth.
A root canal treatment saves the tooth, which means more benefits for you:
  • Efficient chewing of food
  • No change in bite force
  • No damage to neighboring teeth
  • Tooth still looks natural
You may be nervous with the fact that your dentist needs to work on your inner tooth, but we will prep your tooth beforehand to make sure can rest comfortably during treatment.
Are you concerned about one of your teeth? If so, please contact our Bay City dental practice at (989) 892-7832.

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