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Summer Produce For Your Smile

Summer is almost upon us here in Bay City, MI. Do your summer plans include any gardening, trips to the farmer's market or even trips to your local grocery store? If so, summer teeth whitening may be more achievable than you'd think! A visit to your favorite dentist, Gregory A. Produce Rosecrans, DDS, PC, isn't the only way to get a beautiful, white smile. Eating summer produce can help as well!

How Summer Produce Can Help Your Smile

Depending on which type of produce your choose, you can actually whiten your teeth and prevent cavities naturally, just by enjoying your favorite healthy treats.

Fruit and vegetables can help your teeth in a number of ways. They generally contain a high water content and make you salivate, both of which help wash away the bacteria and food particles clinging to your teeth and gums. This helps prevent cavities.

Some produce is abrasive, so it can help scrub your teeth as you eat it. Other types even contain bacteria-fighting components that help prevent the germs from ruining your oral health and vitamins to help your overall health.

Produce to Choose and Avoid

The next time you find yourself contemplating which type of produce to buy, consider picking up apples, pears, carrots or celery for their scrubbing effects or citrus fruits for their immune system boosting properties. Consider watermelon, banana, cucumber, pineapple and strawberries. All of these delicious foods can actually help your oral health!

On the other hand, there are a few foods you will want to eat only in moderation if you want to avoid extra trips to your Bay City, MI dentist. For example, foods like blueberries can actually stain your teeth, while eating too many citrus fruits can gradually break down your tooth enamel over time. Avoid eating too many dried fruits, such as raisins, which can stick to your teeth, and avoid drinking too much fruit juice, which often contains large amounts of sugar and can lead to further decay.

This summer, why not enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables and get the added dental health benefits as well? The next time you visit your dentist, Dr. Rosecrans in Bay City, MI, you'll be glad you did.

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